National Centre for Regional Development (NCRD) is a consulting company in a fields of regional and spatial planning, urban design and many related issues under procurement of Ministry of Regional Development and Public Works (MRDPW). NCRD has a long-standing traditions and experience in spatial and urban planning, also as a successor of few very famous national institutions in Bulgaria (starting their activities from 1960).
Today NCRD continue its traditional activities throughout the whole country.

National Centre for Regional Development (NSRD) mainly works in following fields of activities:

  • Strategic planning and programming documents: National Strategy for Regional Development, National Concepts for Spatial Development, Regional Development Plans and Schemes for Spatial development, Regional/district Strategies, Municipal Development Plans according requirements by the Regional Development Act;
  • Master Plans of Municipality, Master Plans of Settlements, and or specific areas, detailed plans;
  • Regulations in the field of spatial planning and regional development;
  • Analyses and strategic documents of national importance related to key policies for the country’s territory;
  • Analyses and monitoring of housing situation and policy for the whole territory of the country;
  • Perform feasibility studies on the impact of large infrastructure projects on spatial development;
  • Maintain statistical and GIS data base for the whole country’s territory;
  • Participate in international projects and events;
  • Provide an opportunity for student internships.

Areas of Expertise:

  • Spatial planning and development;
  • Regional Planning and development;
  • Urban Planning and development;
  • National Housing Policy
  • Environmental impact assessments – EIA, SA
  • Regulations impact assessments – RIA
  • National legislation in the fields of spatial and regional planing;
  • GIS, Databases and Data analyses
  • International Projects

NCRD has a core group of about 20 key experts, most of them with many years of experience in various fields, covering a wide range of consulting and design services at different hierarchical levels and type of planning and design.

NCRD operate according to established international operating standards, reflected in the ISO 9001:2015 certificate.